Financial Planning

Our financial services are designed to help you proceed with purpose and retire with confidence.

1. Proceed with purpose

Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning

“Though some have wandered into financial success and security by chance alone, few would argue it is the most efficient and effective means to get there.” — Nick Edwards, CFP®

The metaphor of a financial roadmap is frequently applied to financial planning. In reality, comprehensive financial planning is much more than a set of directions.

We work closely with you to better understand the details of what you are trying to accomplish and what will be required to turn your ideas into reality. Through this process, we establish realistic goals and expectations, which serve as our benchmark for assessing progress over time.

A comprehensive financial plan is meant to cover every aspect of your financial life, plus contingencies. While we do the heavy lifting with regard to analysis, evaluation, planning, implementation and monitoring, we rely on your continued engagement to keep us informed of life’s evolving circumstances.

In short, a simple map can show you how to reach your destination, but getting there requires ongoing effort. We believe the best results are the product of a mutual desire to succeed shared by you and our team.


2. Retire with confidence

Retirement Planning

Retirement is often the primary and most consequential objective within a comprehensive personal financial plan. However, many clients come to us just prior to, or even well into, retirement. This is why we offer planning services focused specifically on this goal. These plans are typically divided into two phases: saving and distribution.

Saving For Retirement

The best way to save for retirement is dependent upon a number of factors. These typically include the method of compensation and availability of an employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401(k), 403(b) or 457, among others.

We help you understand the options available through your employer. We also help you determine how and when assets can be allocated outside of a plan at work. If requested, we will contract directly with an employer to establish or improve an existing plan.

Distribution Planning

Generating sustainable retirement income is perhaps the single most important element of a long-term financial plan. Unfortunately, many spend decades diligently growing their nest egg only to neglect an adequate strategy to ensure they won’t outlive their savings. We show clients exactly what it takes to make their money last and provide a year-by-year distribution plan to guide them through retirement.

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