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Investment Management

Personal Investment Management

“We never forget that there are real people counting on the assets we manage.” –Nathan Edwards, CFA, CFP®

We offer personal investment management services as the implementation component of a financial plan that we’ve created or as a stand alone service to investors seeking an independent investment manager.

Our work as investment managers revolves around your Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This document outlines your unique investor profile, consisting of investment objectives, risk and return requirements, investment time horizon, and other pertinent considerations. The IPS also establishes certain guidelines detailing how our performance will be evaluated, along with our methods of executing risk management and portfolio reallocation strategies.

Once your IPS is developed and agreed upon, we establish a long-term strategic and/or short-term tactical asset allocation tailored to your specific circumstances. Although we typically maintain discretionary trading authority, we feel establishing guidelines and parameters in advance facilitates a healthy professional relationship.

Unless you select one of our model portfolios, a custom portfolio will be constructed by one or more of our investment managers to satisfy your specific requirements.

Institutional Investment Management

Fees based on a percentage of assets under management are still the industry standard for institutional investment services. We don’t feel that this is in your best interest beyond certain asset levels. Even if the percentage charged declines incrementally as more assets are added to the equation, the actual dollar amount paid can increase exponentially. In some cases, the fees become exorbitant.

Defenders of this model claim their cost to provide services increases with the amount of assets managed. In reality, expenses typically plateau at increasingly wide bands of asset values as economies of scale develop. This is why we charge a flat fee, determined in advance, for the management of portfolios in excess of $1 million ($5 million for fixed-income-only portfolios).

Under our model, an institution’s consultants, trustees, and decision makers are provided direct access to our investment managers. We assist in the development of an institution’s investment policy or adhere to an existing policy if already in place. Our institutional investment portfolios are individually constructed according to either traditional asset-only strategic allocation development or an Asset Liability Management (ALM) strategy, when tailoring a portfolio to future liabilities is the primary objective.

Portfolio Analysis

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