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Financial Advisor Jacksonville FL

Are You Looking for A Financial Advisor in Jacksonville FL?

A qualified financial advisor with IMG Wealth Management, located in Jacksonville FL, can be made available to answer your questions within hours, and typically much sooner.

What’s better than a local financial advisor?

A team of qualified financial advisors at your disposal.

Our independent financial advisors teamed up for the purpose of providing high-level financial advice to high net worth individuals and institutions in Jacksonville, FL. Each of our advisors worked individually for years under a broker-dealer model, and decided that there had to be a better way. IMG Wealth Management was established as a registered investment advisor by financial advisors passionate about real financial advice, to shed the sales centric, commission driven world of pushing securities.

We believe that a financial advisor working alone is similar to playing the piano with only one hand. Yes, it can be done, but the finished product is probably lacking something. Our financial advisors learned long ago that trying to manage all aspects of a client’s financial needs on their own means that they are not able to focus on the subjects and tasks that they are most passionate about, interested in, and qualified to perform.

Working as a team, we are able to leverage the skills, abilities, and knowledge of each of our advisors, making our clients the beneficiaries of the highest quality financial advice that our financial advisors are capable of providing.

Our Firm Was Established to Pair High Net Worth Individuals and Institutions in Jacksonville, FL with a Capable Team of Financial Advisors at a Fair Cost

It is not that smaller investors do not matter. They do, and they deserve quality financial advice. However, our financial advisors made a conscious decision to develop a structure capable of delivering fairly priced financial advice without compromising on the level of service and dedication provided to our clients. To do this necessitated the transition from operating as individual financial advisors performing every task fairly well, to working as a team so that our financial advisors only perform the functions that they excel at.

To align our goal of providing the best financial advice possible with the best interests of our clients, we have instituted investable asset minimums and structured our fee schedule to reflect pricing that is competitive throughout and becomes increasingly attractive over $1 million dollars in investable household assets.

Why an Independent Financial Advisor Matters

Independence for the financial advisor you hire means that the advisor at least starts with the ability to work directly for you. Captive financial advisors, that is, financial advisors that have to answer to a home office or sales manager, intrinsically possess the conflict of interest that exists between the best interests of their clients and the best interests of the company they work for. IMG Wealth Management was established to remove that conflict. Our financial advisors are all partners – as opposed to employees – of our firm, and have a vested interest in doing everything they can to take care of our real employer, our clients.

Unlike many financial advisors in Jacksonville, FL, the financial advisors of IMG Wealth Management do not utilize proprietary funds or investments. Unfortunately, it is still common practice today for financial advisors to recommend proprietary funds and investments to their clients even if those funds and investments have higher costs than available alternatives. Due to our independence, our clients can be sure that our financial advisors are choosing investments based on the needs of our clients, and not because they are pressured to do so by a parent company.

Your Financial Advisor in Jacksonville FL

Although technology has made it possible for our financial advisors to meet with clients wherever they might be in the world, we believe that maintaining a local presence in Jacksonville, FL is important. IMG Wealth Management has its roots in Jacksonville, and represents the evolution of a financial services firm started here in 1994 to service the needs of state employees. Northeast Florida is home to our business, our financial advisors, and most of our clients.

Beyond our deep foundation in Jacksonville, FL, we also believe that it is important that our financial advisors have a centrally located workplace to foster seamless and in-person collaboration. Our conveniently located office off of Southside Boulevard and JTB also provides easy access to our clients in-town and those traveling from the surrounding area.

Schedule a Free Consultation with Our Qualified Financial Advisors

We understand that finding the right financial advisor is extremely important. We also understand that the right financial advisor for any given person is typically more than a matter of qualification alone.

Just as you will want to make sure that you feel comfortable in general with our financial advisors, we also want to feel confident that our team can meet or exceed your desires and expectations. Our initial consultations are offered without cost because we want you to have an opportunity to get to know us while we get to know you, without the pressure of feeling like either of us are on the clock.

We look forward to meeting you.