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    IMG Wealth Management, Inc.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1How long have you been in the business?
    Our history begins in 1994 when our original practice, Pension Management, Inc., was created to service the investment and financial planning needs of state employees in Northeast Florida. In 2005, we expanded our scope of business to the general public, creating Investment Management Group, LLC. Over the next decade, we recognized the growth of our clientele, and their assets, required a special division dedicated to the specific needs and expectations of high net worth individuals, leading to the formation of IMG Wealth Management, Inc. in March of 2017.
    2How do you get paid?
    For most clients, we establish a fee-based service agreement dictated by the level of assets under management for each household. You can view our fee schedule here. Due to the breadth of services we offer and the diversity of client needs, alternate compensation methods may be available, all of which can be discussed with your IMG Wealth Management advisor.
    3What if I don’t live in Jacksonville?
    Fortunately, technological innovations have made the challenges of long-distance advisory relationships a thing of the past. We can accomplish anything traditionally done in-person via web conferencing, e-documents, and telephone.
    4Do you work with outside professionals?
    We recognize most clients rely on more than one specialist to cover their full spectrum of financial requirements. If you have existing relationships with attorneys, tax advisors, or other financial professionals we encourage mutual engagement where appropriate to ensure continuity and accountability.
    5What is your investment philosophy?
    We seek to know the knowable and, when possible and prudent, hedge the unknown. The implementation of this strategy can look very different according to individual client circumstances. The core theme of our philosophy is the utilization of time and research-tested investment strategies to achieve each client’s objectives as efficiently and effectively as possible. We do not subscribe to full active management (we are not stock brokers). With a dynamic, strategic asset allocation and infrequent tactical adjustments, we strive to produce consistent and predictable results over time compared to buy-and-hold and active management models.
    6What is your business philosophy?
    In three words: “Character, Competence, Consistency.” If we can’t employ people of sound mind and character, then nothing else we do matters. We have great people dedicated to being the best that they can be at their craft. We recognize these professionals are our foundation. The key to our business success is engendering a culture that encourages innovative thought without compromising established procedures for methodically executing the simplest to the most complex processes day in and day out. If we have great people, doing a great job all the time, we believe our clients will be well taken care of.